Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 2010 through 2014 are available under the Archived Minutes tab. Brief meeting summaries provided for the 2015 and 2016 meetings along with the Minutes for those meetings and any provided presentations are below. (Meetings are not held in November and December.) Please note that the Search bar on the main page can be used to search for specific topics or individuals and any Minutes matching those searches can be found.

Meeting Guest and Topics


Some of our 2018 meetings were podcasted. Visit our Podcasts link under Meetings on the menu.

October 20, 2018 – New Happenings in North Fort Worth

Golden Triangle Branch Library, new Municipal Court Satellite Office, the city’s newest Animal Care & Control Facility which will be built at the North Service Center, next to the Hillshire Drop Off Station and the new recycling programs the City of Fort Worth will be implementing in the months ahead.  Updates were presented by William Rumuly, Clerk of the Court, and Theresa Ewing, Court Director and Robert Smouse, Assistant Director of FW Solid Waste Services/Code Compliance.

September 15, 2018 – School Shooting Safety: What is being done?
Representatives from Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Keller ISD, Northwest ISD, the FBI Dallas Office, and the Fort Worth Police Department were our guests to present their strategies and answer questions on this important topic. School-aged children were invited to hear this too!

July / August – No Meetings

June 16, 2018 – Being Safer Users of the Roadways
Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) researcher Neal Johnson shared an interactive presentation about what we can all do to be safer users of the road. Attendees were asked to come prepared to share your their knowledge of Texas traffic laws and be open to learn a few things that can make our roads safer for everyone.

May 19, 2018 – The New 6th North Division Police Headquarters
Our speaker in May was Commander Noakes and the event was held at the new 6th North Division Headquarters at 8755 N Riverside Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76244. Commander Noakes spoke on the “State of the Union” and provided up-to-date information on the number of additional officers hired and how this should reduce response times, etc. There was a Q&A session afterwards.

April, 2018 – Mayor Betsy Price
Mayor Betsy Price, along with Councilman Shingleton, Councilman Moon, Councilman Flores and Doug Wiersig, City of Fort Worth TPW Department were our guests. Listen to Podcast

March, 2018 – Protesting Your Tax Appraisal
Randy Armstrong, Director of Residential Appraisal with the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) and Chandler Crouch were our featured guest speakers this month. Mr. Armstrong discussed the methodology of how the appraisals are calculated and how to go about protesting; Mr. Crouch explained the various ways to get information about the value of your home and the variances that determine it’s value. Listen to the podcast

February, 2018 – Final Version of the 2018 Bond Proposal
Roger Venables, Assistant Director, Property Management with the City of Fort Worth presented our February 17 meeting on the final version of the 2018 Bond Proposal.

January, 2018 – Hillwood Development – Further Developments
Representatives from Hillwood Development spoke on development within the Alliance Town Center from Golden Triangle to North Tarrant Parkway; development along 35W; and Project 3C-the final piece of the North Tarrant Expressway project.


November & December, 2017 – No Meetings Held

October, 2017 – Fort Worth Public Art
Alida Labbe with Fort Worth Public Art presented the Beach Street Public Art Project.

September, 2017 – Roads, Parks and Sidewalks
The September NFWA meeting addressed these issues and our City Council representatives and City officials were present to get your feedback on the 2017 Bond package.

August, 2017 – Affordable Housing
When we say “Affordable Housing”, do we mean the same thing as the City of Fort Worth and the Federal government do? During this meeting, we gathered information from the citizens of far North Fort Worth to share with the City of Fort Worth, our thoughts and feelings about Affordable Housing, what those words mean to us, where Affordable Housing should be located.

July, 2017 – No Meeting Held

June, 2017 – Dr. Warren, Superintendent of the NISD
Dr. Warren, Superintendent of the NISD was our guest speaker.

May, 2017 – Your TAD Appraisal
Residents were invited to bring questions about their TAD appraisal, assessing the value of their home (or comparisons), and ways to appeal. Real estate experts from our area provided information to help home owners to determine if an appeal would be beneficial.

April, 2017 – Fort Worth Mayor, Betsy Price, and Councilmen Moon and Shingleton
Betsy Price, the Mayor of Fort Worth, and Councilmen Moon and Shingleton were our guests in April. Attendees submitted questions about the state of North Fort Worth specifically, and the City of Fort Worth in general.

March, 2017 – Deputy Chief, Charles Ramirez, Fort Worth Police Department
Deputy Chief, Charles Ramirez discussed the new police Fort Worth 6th Division headquarters and all matters police-related. NFWA Minutes March 18, 2017

February, 2017 – Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley
You pay County Taxes and here is the man who can tell you where your money goes; active in transportation, county bond issues, and a proponent of efficient county government. A discussion on the state of Tarrant County. Additional guest will be County Commissioner Gary Fickes. These are the go-to people for Interlocal Agreements and issues with county-owned roads. (No Minutes)

January, 2017 – Susan Kenney, chair of the North Fort Worth Community Vision Design Team and a city planner
Our Vision for North Fort Worth – Susan Kenney, chair of the North Fort Worth Community Vision Design Team and a city planner, presented the results of a workshop held with our community input designed to help shape the City’s policies about what we believe North Fort Worth should look like in the future. (No Minutes)


October, 2016 – City of Fort Worth Representatives
Texas State Representatives Matt Krause and Gio Capriglione were our guests in October. Attendees were encouraged to ask their representatives about their perspectives on the relationships between the state, Fort Worth, and far North Fort Worth. (No Minutes)

September, 2016 – Assistant Chief of Police, Abdul Pridgen
Assistant Chief of Police, Abdul Pridgen addressed the new police substation, officer staffing in north Fort Worth, crime statistics in the area, and Code Blue (No Minutes)

August, 2016 – City of Fort Worth Parks Department
Representatives from the City of Fort Worth Parks Department discussed the improvements coming to the relatively new park on Blue Mound Road, the scope of the new park in far North Fort Worth, what we can do to improve the smaller parks in our neighborhoods, and issues that citizens of far North Fort Worth should advocate for consideration in the 2018 bond package.
NFWA Minutes August 20, 2016

July, 2016 – Meeting cancelled

June, 2016 – Doug Wiersig, Director, City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works
Doug Wiersig, Director, City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works updated us on the existing and planned road projects in our area.
NFWA Minutes June 18, 2016

May, 2016 – Cook Children’s Medical Center
Nancy Cychol, President of Cook Children’s Medical Center shared views of the hospital’s interior and exterior along with their explanation of their relationship with Texas Health and what services they offer.
NFWA Minutes May 21, 2016

April, 2016 – Councilman Cary Moon
Should Council members’ salaries be increased, and their terms longer? Should we have more council districts and representatives? Those questions and other City Charter Amendments were covered by Councilman Cary Moon at April’s meeting.
NFWA Minutes April 16, 2016

March, 2016 – Meeting Cancelled

February, 2016
Mayor Betsy Price was our guest speaker. There was a Q & A session at the end of the meeting. Index cards were distributed and gathered and presented / discussed at the end of the meeting.
NFWA Minutes February 20, 2016

January, 2016
Top 25 Ways You Can Leverage Our Office for the Good of Your Neighborhood – Barry Cram, Community Engagement Liaison, was our speaker and explained how the Community Engagement Office connects neighbors, educators, and community leaders with city services and each other.  They provide educational programs for students and adults regarding city services and training programs for community building.
NFWA Minutes January 16, 2016

Here is the a list 25 Ways PRESENTATION – Top 25 Ways (North Fort Worth Alliance) Please feel free to contact Barry Cram at 817-392-6690 or; he would be happy to take the time to go over the items in detail.


November / December, 2015 No meetings take place these months

October, 2015 Meeting
Guest speakers: From Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance: Clint Abernathy, President, Monika Mathur, Chief Medical Officer, and Mandy Forbus, Community Integration Coordinator, who share earlier history, the present, and future plans of the hospital.
October 2015 Minutes

September, 2015 Meeting
Guest speakers: Sgt. Lacroix of the Fort Worth Police Department Narcotics who spoke on issues having to do with the arrest and conviction of narcotics dealers and what steps the community can play and shouldn’t play in the process.

Also, Andria Ellis, RS, Consumer Health Supervisor, Code Compliance/Consumer Health discussed the West Nile Virus and the City’s policy on spraying.
September 2015 Minutes

August 2015 Meeting
Guest speaker: Honorable Matt Krause, State Representative for District 93, who spoke concerning the legislation enacted and not enacted in the last legislative session.
August 2015 Minutes

July 2015 Meeting
Richard Martinez, Assistant Director, TPW, gave a comprehensive overview of the current situation of street and road repairs in Fort Worth. The various methods of road repair and maintenance were explained along with budget needs.
July 2015 Meeting Notes

June 2015 Meeting
Guest speakers: Dan Harbeke, Director of Public Affairs, Union Pacific Railroad, who spoke on the Second Track Project and Emily Leftwich, Community Outreach Coordinator, Fort Worth, talked about the Fort Worth Recycling Program.

Newly elected Councilman Cary Moon was also present giving a brief overview of his background and announced that Alicia Ortiz would be his Council Aide.
June 2015 Meeting Notes

May 2015 Meeting – Hillwood and City of Fort Worth Presented
Hillwood discussed: Transportation Update, Alliance Town Center, including architectural overlays, Community Park program, and a brief update on surrounding activity (to include airport runway expansion).
No Meeting Minutes available for May 2015.

April 2015  No meeting was held in April to accommodate those who wanted to participate in Mayor Price’s Rolling Town Hall.
Mayor Price’s Rolling Town Hall

March 2015 Meeting
Guest speaker: Mary Gugliuzza, Media Relations / Communications Coordinator, City of Fort Worth, Water Department talked about water rates and usage, present and future.
March 2015 Meeting Notes

February 2015 Meeting
Guest speakers: Brian Murnahan of Murnahan Public relations gave a presentation on the newest hospital in our area, Alliance Medical Center (North Tarrant Parkway, east of I-35).

Also Curvie Hawkins, Assistant VP – Planning for the “T” (The 10 year Master Plan for Mass Transit in Fort Worth)
February 2015 Meeting Notes

January 2015 Meeting – Mayor Price was with us for the first part of the hour and The Parks Department gave a presentation.
January 2015 Meeting Notes