2020 Schedule

June 20, 2020 (via Zoom video conference)

Saturday June 20, 2020 at 9:00AM via Zoom
(Zoom info to follow)

Melissa Gee, teacher in KISD, and Susanne McGahey, KISD Social Studies Coordinator, will present a look at the Texas State Constitution

Many of us were well out of school when we learned about the Texas Constitution. Alternatively, a good number of us have come from other states and know little of the Texas Constitution.

Yet, we are asked to vote for amendments to that document after almost every legislative session.
  A brief history to set the who drafted the original document and the backdrop of that drafting;
  How the Texas Constitution differs in structure and purpose from  the US Constitution;
  How the Texas Constitution is amended and how that differs from the US Constitution; and,
  Why is it necessary for so many propositions like transportation funding, conduct of municipalities to be memorialized in the Constitution rather than just passing a law.

Finally, you can’t help your kids with their homework if you don’t know this stuff.

If you are on our monthly meeting mail invite you will receive the meeting information on how / where to log into Zoom.

Please plan to get ready for the event ten minutes prior so that you will be ready when it begins.

VOWS Amenities Center
12209 Timberland Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76244
(Located across from Caprock Elementary and Timber Creek High School)

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Feb – Housing Solutions – Our presenter was Victor Turner, the Director of Housing Solutions for the City of Fort Worth, along with a panel.

Mar – William Johnson, Director, TPW – Cancelled (Covid-19)
Apr – Chandler Crouch, Realtor – Cancelled (Covid-19)
May – Mayor Betsy Price – via Zoom (participate from home)
June – Texas State Constitution – via Zoom (participate from home)
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