Welcome to the North Fort Worth Podcast page. Podcasts of the meetings will be added here for you to enjoy if you missed a meeting or want to listen to the content again. Please be sure to share with your friends and neighbors.

March 17, 2018Listen to March Podcast
TAD Director of Residential Appraisal Randy Armstrong and Realtor Chandler Crouch were our featured guest speakers this month. Mr. Armstrong discussed the methodology of how appraisals are determined and how to go about protesting; Mr. Crouch explained the various ways to get information about the value of your home and the variables that determine it’s value.

April 21, 2018Listen to April Podcast
Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth, was our special guest along with Councilman Shingleton, Councilman Moon, and Councilman Flores.

May 19, 2018Listen to May Podcast
Our speaker for May was Commander Noakes and the event was held at the new 6th Division Police Headquarters. Commander Noakes provided an update on crime, staffing, and the efforts being made to reduce response times.

June 16, 2018Listen to June Podcast
Join Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) researcher Neal Johnson for an interactive presentation about what we can all do to be safer users of the road.